Since 2002 Cherokee County Safety Town has been a vital part of the transition to kindergarten for many preschoolers. Every summer we educate an average of
240 five-year-olds about how to stay safe in the water, around animals, poisons, or strangers, on the school bus, their bicycles, or the sidewalks, in the car, or in case of an emergency. We guarantee your upcoming kindergartener will leave our camp with a wealth of valuable knowledge that will keep them safe and prepared in any emergency situation.
They might even teach you something! 
Check back to this portion of the website for updates and announcements as we approach the starting dates for Safety Town 2017!
  1. Brand New Website!
    Welcome to Safety Town's brand new website! We are so excited to officially be up and running. Please take a moment to explore the website and see some of the features we have added. Expect some new features to pop up as we get closer to the camp's start dates. We are also so pleased to announce our full partnership with Safe Kids Cherokee County. They have always been an intricate part of our camp, and we are grateful to have them as our lead agency. If you're looking to enroll your child for Safety Town 2017, please visit the "Child Registration" page. If you are in middle school or high school and are looking to volunteer for Safety Town 2017, please visit the "Teen Registration" page. Thank you for your continued interest in Safety Town! Hope to see you soon! Ashley Arp Safety Town Director
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